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Maria Sews A Lot

Sewing Classes, Embroidery and Memory Pillow Studio

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About Maria Sews A Lot

MSAL is a Custom Sewing Studio

My mission is to create a studio where I can sew and encourage others to sew.  My studio is a place where all types of sewing is done from alterations to aprons, backpacks to cushions, dog clothes to dresses, window treatments to zipper replacements. Custom sewing is what I love to do! That's why in 2011 I opened my Custom Sewing Studio where I spent all day every day doing what I love. 


In 2012, I opened up my Sewing and Crafting Studio located at 262 Main St. Milford, MA. I give people confidence in their sewing skills, the reason for that is that I love teaching others to sew. People leave every day saying, "Sew Exciting"!  Whether you want to learn to use your sewing machine or have sewing lessons to finish up a certain project, that is what I love to do.  I will inspire you to find your creativity. I hope to have life long sewers at my studio.  Do what you love, love what you do, I love to sew! I hope you find what you love to do too!

In 2014, I started something a little different. I took my sewing on the road. I started teaching at schools, Girl Scout troops, TC Scoops in Medway and Sewfisticated Fabrics in Framingham. Who knows what 2016 will bring the possibilities are endless when you sew.

For 2016, I decided something a little different. I'm putting a hold on my group classes and doing private classes until September in order to spend a little time with my family. The Custom sewing and embroidery portion of my business continues to grow.  I'm also doing a few memory items and introducing new items to my Etsy shop.


Company history
MSAL was established in 2011 in Milford, MA

Fun projects I've worked on
 An Airplane ClutchBoat Canvas
Car Dashboard and Door
Dog Clothes & Beds
 HandbagsInfinity Scarves
 Leather Chairs
Recycled Bags
 Memory Pillows & Bears
Stuffed Elephants
 Stuffed Lobster